13. Advantages and disadvantages

At first, about the disadvantages.

  1. For such motors are required the magnets of type Nd2Fe14B, the cost of which is too high. Although over the past decades the cost of the rare earth magnets significantly decreased, it still remains very high - about (100 – 150) $ per 1kg.[30],[31]. Therefore, any increase of engine power by increasing the sizes of components that contain magnets, or by increasing the number of analogous pairs of disks on the shaft of the motor, will lead to a significant increase in the cost of.
  2. Complexity of the nature of the magnetic field of permanent magnets leads to the necessity of the experimental development at every time whenever would you want to change the geometric dimensions of the device components, or physical parameters materials of the used magnets. That is, any new elaboration will require the experimental trials with a view to ensure the optimal parameters. To eliminate or significantly decrease this defect is required a serious theoretical study linking the output parameters of the devices subject to development with geometry and properties of interacting magnets, what will let to make the a priori calculations of any new assembly.
  3. Essential disadvantage of motors which use the kinetic energy of the gravitational field of the Earth is the impossibility of their application for the vehicles without special complex and expensive means of stabilizing the position of the axis of rotation of motor relative to the earth's surface. For optimal use of energy of the gravitational field of the Earth it is necessary to place the motor so that the axis of rotation of its rotor should be strictly horizontal, i.e. must be perpendicular to the direction of its shortest distance from the center of mass of the Earth. This requirement do not causes any problems when using the motor in stationary conditions. For example, similar task is being successfully solved by the builders of homes, which should be hosted on a hillside, when they provide the horizontality of the floors and verticality of walls. Besides of the specified reason, limiting the possibility application of similar motors with the permanent magnets in vehicles, there is yet another. Duration of preservation of the quality of the magnetization of permanent magnets can be significantly reduced as a result of the impact of vibration.


  1. The main advantage of the proposed device is the ability to work from pure sources of energy only. The use of permanent magnets can provide long-term continuous operation of the motor since the parameters of the magnetization of permanent magnets can be stored, under certain conditions, for several years.
  2. Motors of such type can provide operation of generators of electric current, which can be used for the autonomous supply of distant objects without the need in expensive transmission lines which require maintenance. Autonomous sources of electricity of low power, used as a reserve, can be useful for emergency lighting systems, and for ensuring continuous operation of other vital objects in case of failures in the main power grid. The placing of such generators of electric current can be carried out in the basements of buildings or in underground bunkers, i.e. not occupy expensive places on the surface. At this, the location in enclosed spaces under the ground will facilitate creation of favorable external conditions (particularly with respect to temperature) for long-term preservation of the parameters of permanent magnets. The use of such devices in urban area can eliminate the need in power lines above ground, which clutter up the streets.
  3. The serious limitation for increasing the power of motors, which use strong permanent magnets, is the fact that at significant increase of geometric dimensions of the magnets are being increased difficulties at transportation and installation of the strong magnets of themselves. In the proposed devices the required results can be achieved by dividing of the magnets into smaller, i.e. due to the quantitative increasing in the number of magnets of appropriate sizes.


* * *

Thus, the main advantage of such devices is ensuring their work by harnessing only environmentally friendly energy sources. The main drawback, at present, is the high cost, which makes problematic their competitiveness compared to multitude engines using the polluting energy sources, which long ago have been developed and well mastered in mass production.

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