14. Conclusion

In the given paper is considered and theoretically proved one of the possibilities of developing the motor, the long-term work of which is provided due to harnessing the environmentally friendly energy of two sources - kinetic energy of the gravitational field of the Earth and energy of magnetic field of the permanent magnets.

The options of the constructions rotors and stators of motors, that have been considered here, can be applied, in particular, in order to ensure the operation of stationary power plants of small and medium-power, which can be used as in densely populated areas of the Earth as well as into the remote hard to reach locations, where delivery of electricity by conventional networks is extremely difficult. The use of such devices may be advisable for equipment of the emergency power systems.

Design principles presented here are open for improvement. In particular, the theoretical development of the methods a priori calculations of the geometric dimensions of the permanent magnets would greatly facilitate the experimental testing that is required at each real designing.

The perspective of further improvement such motors is laid in the possibility of the application new magnetic materials, which are continuously being improved, what can provide greater power to the motor shaft at the smaller sizes and lesser cost of development and manufacturing.

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