1. Introduction

At present, an urgent task for humanity is the search and mastering of pure energy sources. A lot of scientists, engineers, and technicians are engaged in solving of this problem. Through the Internet you can find thousands of articles containing serious scientific researches and technical characteristics of motors operating or able to act in accordance with the opinions of the authors. We have no reason not to trust the developers and the witnesses that some of their devices are really workable. Unfortunately, many of the proposed motors that can operate from pure energy sources can not compete with modern devices which are using combustible energy sources. Such devices have been designed long ago and mastered in the mass production. However, any human activity aimed to development and search of facilities to save the ecology of the Earth is commendable. Even if it is unrealistic projects of naive enthusiasts who are not familiar with the laws of nature, even if it's just science fiction, in any case, these activities stimulate interest in search of solve the problem. One can hope that eventually as a result activity of many people, going by different ways, the task of preserving the Earth's environment will be solved. One of the attempts to get closer to solving this problem is given in this article.

The purpose of this study is to find a way designing of the motor which harnesses a pure energy, the motor - powerful enough to cause the expediency of its industrial production, the design which in the long term will allow improve the parameters of such motors and will not have the fundamental limitations in building up their capacity power.

Since ancient times, people have used solar energy, wind energy, the energy of the gravitational field of the Earth. At the present time the use of solar and wind energy is expanding actively. The utilization of hydroelectric power plants, where the source of original energy is the kinetic energy of water falling from great height under the influence of the gravitational field of the earth, continues. However, the gravitational field is a potential field, that is, according to the laws of the nature, the work of such a field that is consumed for moving the physical object on a closed path is zero. If we want to use the kinetic energy of the gravitational field of the earth in order ensure continual operation of motor, we need in an additional, let's call it the "external", source of energy. In accordance with the stated aim of this designing an additional source of energy must also be environmentally friendly source. Therefore, the natural solution is to use the energy of permanent magnets.

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