10. Cascading

The natural opportunity for further increase of the net torque is the consistent placement on the motor shaft of the two, or more, pairs of disks which are equipped with the movable loads with the built-in permanent magnets, and the placement around them of the corresponding stators which are also equipped with permanent magnets. The movable and stationary magnets must interact each other by aforesaid manner. The example of such consistent placement of the paired disks is shown in Figure 14.

Fig. 14

At the placing on the motor shaft the two pairs of disks, it is desirable that one pair of disks would be rotated relative to the other at angle equal to half of the angle between adjacent radii Rmin (Fig. 2). At this, the corresponding mutual orientation of the inclined paths of the adjacent pairs of disks will ensure the greater equability of rotation. If on shaft of the motor are planted three pairs of disks, they should be rotated by one-third of the angle between adjacent radii Rmin, etc.

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